About AirGo

AirGo is a husband and wife run business based out of Utah County, Utah, USA.

After moving inland with his wife, Bob was looking for something to stave off his yearning to go surfing. Dissatisfied with a lack of SUP culture around their new home, the two decided to help bring SUP to Utah Valley by starting AirGo.

Why Airgo?

We specialize in inflatable stand up paddleboards. We estimate that these boards will meet the needs of 98% of inland SUP enthusiasts, and 100% of curious customers who want to simply give it a try. Our inflatables offer versatility and opportunities that conventional, rigid boards do not.

Easy Transportation

These roll up and fit in the trunk of your car! No fighting a tangled up soft rack or figuring out how to mount hard racks without damaging your vehicle. AirGo boards deflate and fit easily inside any vehicle.

Take Them Anywhere

We sell and rent backpacks that allow you to hike to bodies of water that you can’t usually take a hard body stand up paddleboard to. Take them on a week-long excursion, on an evening date, or a day long get-away.

Flexible and Durable

They bounce off of rocks, branches, and concrete and can even have a car driven over them. We researched to find the perfect boards to provide convenient transportation and reliable stability.

View the Experiences

*Late fees may apply if boards are returned late. Boards must be returned before 8 pm or $20/day additional will be charged to the card on file. Please note that all of these prices are excluding tax. If you have any discounts or promo codes, Proof of discount eligibility must be provided at the time of rental pick-up or full price will be charged. All rental packages/pickup times are dependent on availability. Pricing and rental packages/equipment subject to change without notice.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  1. Weather: AirGo recognizes we live in a volatile weather area with the ubiquity of the Wasatch range and ever-present reminder of our own insignificance. We always advise that you check the weather before making your final arrangements for pickup. If you can’t use your equipment because the weather surprises you we are happy to offer a full refund of rental rates upon prompt return of equipment. We regret that we cannot offer this refund for equipment traveling out of town for multi-day rentals.
  2. Equipment: Rental fees will be refunded in full in case of equipment malfunction not related to the improper operation or inappropriate use of equipment. If in doubt about proper inflation, assembly, or operation we are happy to assist by phone. Please call 619-602-8753 for assistance.
    If any equipment is lost or damaged, the customer is responsible for full replacement value.
  3. Merchandise: We offer refunds on unused, non-clearance merchandise within 90 days of purchase. Refunds for previously used equipment or other opened merchandise remain at the sole discretion of AirGo Paddle Boarding LLC and its officers.