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We are thrilled that you have found us and are excited to introduce you to the incredible sensation of gliding on a stand-up paddle board. Located in Orem, Utah and nestled into the yawning mouth of Provo Canyon, minutes from BYU, UVU, and less than an hours drive from the rest of Utah Valley, we are ideally situated to equip you for your trip to waters within and beyond Utah County. Headed up to Deer Creek or into Utah Lake State Park? Why pay hourly rates when you can rent for a full day from us and still come out ahead?





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Had a great time Paddle boarding with Bob Pettit and Jacqueline Michelle Barrett. Bob is a great teacher and knows his stuff!!! It was a blast!!
Mike'nJackie Barrett
Has the huge selections of different paddle boards to rent! The price is super cheap and well worth your money. The people there are also very honest and their customer service is spot on. We have been treated very well. The person who helped us get geared up is very kind. Going there all the time for any of my sporting needs. You will never find a better place.
Hannah Nielson, Google
Absolutely fantastic. The people are wonderful– especially the man we worked with. We scraped up the board coming up the canyon, and the manner in which he handled the situation was with the utmost professionalism and kindness. The quality of the gear was excellent, as well. Will definitely be going here again.
Maddie Bashaw, Google
I had a great time with AirGo Paddle boarding!!! It was my first time going paddle boarding and I have found an exciting new sport that I want to perfect! I was able to take a 2 hr lesson with Bob Pettit. He is a great teacher that helped me master the basics and taught me proper safety techniques! I would recommend AirGo to all those that want to go Paddle Boarding!
Michael Barrett, Google
I had lessons from AirGo and was really happy and impressed with the whole experience! I am a very uncoordinated person and Bob was exceptionally patient and creative in his instructions. He was also patient, up beat and positive with my son. I’ll be renting from them from them in the future for sure!
Polly Crookston, Google
Bob the owner/instructor was awesome. Knowledgeable and thorough, yet laid back and fun. Thanks for the great experience!
The Peabodys, Intro to SUP Lesson, Square
You did everything right. It was perfect and I’m sorry that people take advantage of you sometimes. We are going to direct all of our friends to you. I hope you have a better day, compared to how some people treat you when you are doing more than enough to help them. You are doing things great and we love your business. Thank you for your honesty and kindness. We appreciate you very much.
Hannah N., Rental, Square
Bob was great! Very informative and helpful.
Anonymous Customer
Everything was awesome! We can’t wait to do it again and tell our friends about our experience!! Thanks 🙂
Anonymous Customer
Overall, a very positive experience! I really appreciated Bobs patience. He was able to explain things I multiple ways until he found out what made sense to us. Super nice guy & super positive experience!
Polly C., Intro To SUP lesson.